Welcome to the Second Quarter


As we step into Q2, let’s pause and reflect. How are you feeling? Are you on track with your goals? Are you in a place where you don’t know which way is up? Whatever you’re feeling, it’s welcome here.

Reflecting on Q1


Did you have a stellar Q1? Good for you! Don’t get comfortable! Now what? Did you have a not-so-stellar Q1? Way to notice where you are! Now what?

No matter what type of Q1 you had, just like the seasons are changing your mindset needs to also. How you talk to yourself matters. One way you can trick your mind is to remind yourself where you’re going. Use the word YET more often. In fact, learn more about The Power of Yet here.

Quote from Emily Maroutain

Embracing Change For Success


How can you change it up a bit to continue to have success or to jump on the success train?

Do. Something. Different.

Do is a verb. It is an action. Take action.

Something is intentional. Make it specific.

Different is difficult. It is new and uncomfortable. Power and success sit on the other side of doing something different.

Making Q2 Successful

  • Analyze Q1: Spend time to analyze how Q1 went and how you want Q2 to go. What do you need to stay the course on and where do you need to change it up?
  • Create a Plan: Build it. Don’t just “wing it”, create a plan of action that supports where you want to go.
  • Utilize Your Systems: Use your systems. The more you tap into your systems the easier it is to manage your day-to-day and the more consistent you will be in your client communication.

In the fast-paced world of sales, it’s common to feel caught in a never-ending cycle, struggling to find time for personal priorities. However, it’s important to remember that time management is about choices. Prioritizing yourself is crucial. By doing so, you’ll increase your productivity, reduce the risk of burnout, feel less overwhelmed, and ultimately achieve greater success.

Empowering Sales Through Presence:

Mastery of power skills is the catalyst for success in modern sales. We contribute to advancing the growth of your sales teams through:

  • Keynote Speaking – Equip your team with the tools and energy needed for your events.
  • Group Training – Choose a standalone session or a series for continuous support.
  • 1to1 Coaching – Customized sessions to meet each team member’s unique development needs.
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    Each year, I choose a Focus Word that encapsulates my overarching intention, weaving it into every interaction. This strategy helps maintain focus on specific improvement areas and fosters a client-centered, present mindset.

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