Receive the help you need to boost your confidence, finesse your sales pitch, and close more sales.

Sales coaching is a game-changer in the competitive world of selling. Having a seasoned coach by your side can make all the difference in achieving success.

A trusted coach brings not only expertise, but also a deep understanding of your unique challenges and goals. They act as your compass, guiding you through uncharted territories, providing invaluable insights, and empowering you to navigate even the toughest sales situations with confidence.

Sales & Presence provides dedicated coaching to corporate individuals looking to maximize their selling potential. Through our unique focus on relationship selling and nonverbal communication (your presence), we help you gain the skills you need to bring in better prospects and convert leads to customers.

We work with corporate only, either on one-on-one sessions or group coaching sessions, to provide expert advice, support, and techniques to win over prospects and build valuable customer relationships.

We understand that both the path and the pace of your journey are personal and distinctive. For some, striving for immediate results is the preferred approach, while others find greater fulfillment in savoring each step along the way. To tailor the best approach for your individual circumstances, we begin every client relationship with an initial assessment in order to recommend the best approach to effectively reach your specific goals and aspirations. We also hold monthly meetings to consult with the management team , c-suite, or team leaders to inform them about their team’s performance, offer guidance, insights and evaluate next steps.


Here’s how we work with you:

Analysis & Assessment

Planning & Strategy

Implementation & Coaching

Evaluation & Future-proofing

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