“If you are looking for a sales training expert to inspire and share successful sales techniques that will launch your results, Amy Reczek is the person to speak with. Even with seasoned sales professionals, there are always nuggets of wisdom to be learned.”

Shanna Sweeney, Senior Vice President – Upland Capital Group, President and Co-Founder of Women of Wholesale

“An excellent speaker, educator and motivator. I am still amped up from this class. Thanks Amy!”

Amy Zettel, Branch Manager at RPS (Risk Placement Services)

“Really enjoyed my time with Amy. She was engaging and motivating. I left our time together inspired to nurture professional relationships and build my brand. I highly recommend working with Amy.”

Callie Schmit, CPCU Associate team leader at CRC Insurance Services

“Thank you so much for leading us over the last couple of days. I feel like your course has already taken my game to the next level. I’ve already got some plans in place to execute on all the items we talked about. I’m actually going to be providing a lessons learned presentation to my team on Monday at the request of my bosses and, I will be singing your praises.”

Daniel Cranney, Senior E&S Underwriter at CM Vantage Specialty Insurance Company

“I have had many sales coaches and mentors throughout my career. Some had some impact and some had none. However, none of them had the positive and immediate impact that Amy has had on my career. If you have a sales team that needs coaching from how to give a bold value proposition through closing the deal, Amy is The Coach to hire.”

Chris Dickson, National Account Executive at Accurate Background

“I was invited to a training presented by Amy. I fully intended to keep my camera off and multi task. Instead, I found myself glued to the PC trying to make sure I was capturing all of the nuggets of information that Amy was giving. I had 15+ immediate items I could implement the following day and pass on to my team! I’d highly recommend her for speaking or webinar engagements. She is knowledgeable, interactive, and engaging. You won’t be disappointed.”

Jennifer Kessel, VP of Operations at USG Insurance Services

“While attending a two-day sales training event, Amy’s presentation significantly outshone the rest. Here content and presence stood out. She didn’t just teach us the principles of how to sell effectively; she embodied them. Watching her command the room while guiding us through different subjects was a powerful learning experience. Highly recommend.”

Lindsey Thompson, Producer at IMA Financial Group

“Thanks to what I learned in the training – I was prepared for my client meeting, had my talking points organized, clear objective in my head to keep me focused, during the actual “meeting” I was very conscious of my hand positioning, clarity in language / mirroring their pace, not over talking – holding the space, recognizing their needs, asking ‘tell me more’ etc. and…. success! I got the verbal commitment to compete on the other 65% of their book we don’t currently control.”

Celia Morrin, Senior Underwriter at Amwins Group

“Amy Reczek is by far the most amazing person I have ever worked with. She is so easy to work with, we get along so well and is super passionate about her work. Amy gives me great prospective of understanding the “Sale” and does an outstanding job on breaking down the psychology aspect of the process. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her, in my book she gets a +10000 and beyond.”

Eduardo Giraldo, NY ExecPro Broker at CRC Insurance Services

“I learned so much valuable information that will no doubt help improve my client relations and give me more confidence with future dealings.”

Stephanie Lawson, Production Underwriter for Great American Risk Solutions

“You did a great job and the class was very educational and beneficial. There was a lot of knowledge to gain in just a day and a half.”

Eric Garth, Senior Vice President at AmWINS Group

“Amy has been essential as an influence in my personal and professional life. She is so passionate about what she does and does such a good job relating and refining her approach to each person she talks to. The first time I saw Amy at a networking event, I was beyond mystified at her presence in the room and knew I would learn so much from her. Every time I talk to her, or participate in one of her talks, I walk away with some point of wisdom that I didn’t have before our conversation. She is a rock star, I can’t recommend her enough.”

Kacey Lacerte, Broker Owner, Venture Home Mortgage

“WSIA had the pleasure of hosting Amy’s successful keynote. Amy is approachable and polished. She provides clear learning objectives, adapts to engage audiences on every level and delivers an impactful presentation with immediate and lasting takeaways. Amy is effective in her pre-planning and follow-up, and as a result, has built a stellar word-of-mouth reputation. Her subject matter knowledge on power skills, non-verbal cues, time and meeting management is relevant to any prospering industry or individual.”

Chelsea Lenhart, Meetings and Events Manager at WSIA

“Amy delivered an impactful presentation on executive presence and how you “show up” that resonated with our sales professionals at all levels of their career. Prior to the event, Amy worked with our team to ensure her messaging was tailored to our audience, day of, her presentation was conversational and fun, polished and professional and received rave reviews from our team. I would highly recommend Amy if you are looking to level up your team’s communication skills & executive presence.”

Patricia Peral, Director-Go To Market Enablement at Beeline

“You killed it at our event Amy! Thank you so much for your insight. We still talk about your presentation and how powerful it was. Continued success and we hope to see you next year!”

Steve Lewis, CRO at Beeline

“You were amazing. You created quite a buzz.”

Brian Rule, Manager at Accurate Background

“I just wanted to tell you that it was great to meet you and listen to you speak at the WSIA U40 summit last week! I really learned a lot from you about mastering my networking skills. You did a wonderful job!”

Cameron Yarbrough, Marketing & Social Media Strategist at Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company

“Really enjoyed your presentation yesterday. The feedback from my team was extremely positive.”

Matt Miller, SVP North America at Beeline

“Amy is amazing! The entire group walked away with tips to continue to make lasting impressions on potential clients-even virtually. Highly recommend working with her.”

Morgan Montgomery, former Business Development Manager at Colorado Women’s Chamber (currently Operations coordinator/player programs with Denver Nuggets Basketball)

“If you are looking to take yourself or your team to the next level…Amy comes highly recommended by us!”

Lauren Adams, Account Executive at Accurate Background (former)

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