As the new year begins, do you reflect on the past years successes and challenges? In business especially, we set goals about what we would like to achieve and accomplish before the next calendar year is up. This year I am steering away from the typical long list of resolutions, and focusing on one word. Impact.

Everything I do comes down to serving my clients. If I focus on creating impact for each company and individual I work with, I will have a fulfilling year and create success for both myself and my clients. Win-win.

Think of your focus word as the theme for your year ahead. Select a word with a strong meaning behind it. Your word should motivate you.

When choosing your focus word, ask yourself the following:

What went well last year? What didn’t?
What are my intentions and goals for the new year?
What word(s) encompass what I would like to achieve this year?

Read more about choosing your focus word here.

What Impact can you make in 2023?

When it comes down to it, sales is about making an impact on others. Without impact, we probably wouldn’t have many customers.

Here are three simple ways to make an impact with your customers in 2023:

Take time to listen – people want to feel heard. Showing your customers that you are actively listening to their needs will make a difference.

Customize your approach – different customer needs = different approach (this ties back to listening to your customer).

What is your 10% – statistically people will remember roughly 10% of a meeting, presentation, etc. What is your 10% message you want to create impact with?

Check out this article for seven more ways to sell with impact this year.

“If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito. -Anita Roddick”

Let’s Partner!

Sales and Presence is unique from other sales consulting/training companies in that we focus on what is working today. We look at patterns and statistics within sales and communication to help align your team to what is working. We are also uniquely designed in that we mold our system to yours. We work with you to design the consulting and training around your specific challenges and needs.

Our key areas of focus are Psychology, Sales Knowledge, and Communication (verbal and nonverbal). We do that through:

  • Corporate consulting, working with your company ongoing
  • Keynote speaking at events and industry associations
  • Sales meeting trainings, adding value to your monthly/quarterly/yearly team meetings
  • 1:1 training with team members

Every day we are excited to bring new ideas and thought processes to those within this space and are honored to work with amazing companies who are investing in training for their people!

Let S&P help your team gain focus and make an impact in 2023.

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  • Words have power typed on paper from a typewriter

    Each year, I choose a Focus Word that encapsulates my overarching intention, weaving it into every interaction. This strategy helps maintain focus on specific improvement areas and fosters a client-centered, present mindset.