Co-creation is a strategy that brings together multiple parties to produce a mutually valued outcome, jointly. I like to think of this as a partnership.

In business and in sales we often think of the salesperson as THE ONE driving the ship. When, in reality, when we realign to co-create a mutual outcome (win, win, for everyone) we make the client much happier and the sales process much more manageable.

If we indeed shifted our thinking to begin looking at sales as co-creation:

How would that improve our systems and processes?

What would that look like in growing our revenue?

Keep reading; I have some answers that might resonate with you…

“A business becomes successful when it becomes mutually beneficial for you and your customers.”

Food for Thought

I LOVE great storytellers!

Let me introduce you to Bertice Berry, an American sociologist, author, lecturer, and storyteller. I recently listened to one of her stories and shared it with a sales team I consult.

One of the team members reached out afterward to tell me the story of how this resonated with them. They were recently on a call with a prospective client and used an industry acronym. The PC (prospective client) asked what it meant. The salesperson explained the acronym and continued on. After listening to this story they realized the co-creation opportunity had been missed.

We as sales professionals tend to assume a lot.

You assume everyone else knows acronyms or knows what the goal of a meeting is so you don’t confirm and ask, or you assume you know what the PC needs and how best your solution would fit. The list goes on.

A couple of things happen when we do this:

  • We are not listening and/or sitting in the moment the PC is in…we are a few steps ahead in our mind.
  • We are focused only on the outcome goal and not the micro goals that are happening in the meeting.
  • We tend to “pitch” due to the lack of staying curious.

However, when we co-create with a PC the energy changes.

Both sides are excited and energized.
Both sides see the value.
Both sides are invested.

Co-creating happens in every relationship we have, even in business. Don’t lock into your patterns.

“86% of people think that businesses that collaborate with their customers are more trustworthy. (Bulbshare study)”

Let’s Co-Create!

The mission of S & P was created to offer specific sales training designed to expand the knowledge of the team so everyone feels like they are winning.

We reinforce businesses whose goal is to support and grow their teams but do not have the bandwidth.

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