Words have power typed on paper from a typewriter

The Power of a Single Word

What’s in a word?

Quite a bit actually.

One word can bring emotion, set the tone of a conversation, or bring action.

In sales, the annual revenue target is often a constant objective, the ultimate goal for the year. While focusing on this target is vital, it’s more beneficial to perceive it as a result of smaller, consistent daily efforts shaped by our habits.

To achieve these incremental goals and ultimately realize your year-end objective, consider the concept of a Focus Word.

Each year, I choose a Focus Word that encapsulates my overarching intention, weaving it into every interaction. This strategy helps maintain focus on specific improvement areas and fosters a client-centered, present mindset.

Once individual and collective goals for each team member are established, extend the concept by assigning a Focus Word to the entire team. This collective word becomes a guiding principle, fostering a unified intention that aligns with the team’s objectives.

How can you implement this with your team?

  1. Brainstorm: Gather your team and jot down all potential Focus Words.
  2. Select: Choose a word that resonates, motivates, and maintains team focus.
  3. Implement:
    1. Keep the Focus Word prominent in all team meetings.
    2. Regularly discuss its integration into daily activities.
    3. Celebrate small victories linked to the Focus Word.

This year, my Focus Word is “MAGIC.”

✨ In 2024, I am committed to creating magical experiences for my clients, team, family, and myself.

I’m excited to weave MAGIC into this year with you!

Try out a Focus Word for the year! This article gives great insight on where to start, how to pick your word, and how to make it stick.

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