As a salesperson you hear the word no a lot. No matter how long you have been in your career, it isn’t an easy pill to swallow.

Rejection is tough no matter what scenario you are in. If you have been on tiktok lately the buzz quote is:

“Rejection is a chisel for perfection”

In that context it was referencing personal relationships, but it applies to business and sales as well. Sales pros who have changed their thought pattern on how to handle “no” understand that it means not right now. They also know it allows them to move that opportunity to the side to allow new opportunities in.

No means:

Next Opportunity

New Options

So how to best handle a current no?

Just like in every other conversation in your sales cycle – HAVE A PLAN.

Here’s a loose talk track on how to go about what to say when you get the dreaded “no”.

  1. Acknowledge – Show them you have heard them.
  2. Challenge (if appropriate) – What happens if they do not make the change?
  3. Always have the next step – Communicate your follow up and that you will keep in touch.
  4. Take a minute – Reflect and Learn, what micro step can you do differently next time?

What’s Happening This Month
All month-New programming being designed!

4/9 – Easter

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